Dryer vent cleaning and dryer fires

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Dryer vent cleaning and dryer fires - easy preventable measures

Dryer fires are serious business that you can help prevent.

The following link shows the results of neglecting your venting system http://www.croberts.com/lint.htm

 **** ALERT ****

Never ever put the rubber-plastic floor mats from your car into a dryer!!!

  I have personally witnessed the after math of a dryer fire at River Park Commons (An apartment complex here in Rochester) that took out the entire laundry room !!!

The picture below shows what will happen....

Also lint covering the thermostats can lead to over heating!

A thick layer of lint will insulate the sensor!! (Not allowing  it to get to it's designed operating temperature )

Never run a dryer without the lint screen!

If yours is missing, torn or broken.....

          Replace it!!!

A safety message from marks mowers.com

 I offer a simple and safe way to protect your family and possessions.

I will clean your venting system & dryer (if needed the complete inside of the dryer). I also replace any plastic venting hose with UL approved aluminum venting hose.

***SAFETY NOTE: plastic venting hose is now illegal in this state (N.Y.)***

  *** The popular dryer softener sheets most people use WILL LEAVE A WAXY FILM in your dryer & vent pipe that cause lint to stick and provide a great source of combustion for a fire !!

  ( Remember candles are made from wax and that is what burns to fuel the flame !!! )


     -- OUTSIDE VENTS -- Common things to check for...

 On the out side vent, bird nest's are very common(because of the warmth) and they will clog the warm air flow!

Also in cold weather (below 32 degrees) the vent damper (a small flap that opens when air flow is present) can freeze shut, thus blocking off the air flow. (The damp frozen lint is as hard as cement!!)

Sometimes the vent (mostly the metal ones) can get crushed in. This will also block the hinged flap from opening!!

To be safe you should check your venting system at least once a year or more to stay safe !!

This is a message to alert you from marks mowers

Here is another picture of a dryer and what can happen...